Card Solutions

    Our card solution division has produced millions of unique cards under some of the most stringent requirements since 2002. We provide design, pre-press, data management, print production, encoding and personalization packaging, fulfillment and distribution all under one roof.


    Our world class design process, experience and creative talent has allowed us to become the Global Design Partner for the world’s largest software company. We believe great design is built on active listening. By understanding our customers’ goals and objectives, we are better able to direct them to a solution that makes sense and helps to achieve their goals. 


    Years of pre-press experience working with demanding brand standards for many of the world’s largest companies has given us the expertise to get the project right, every time. We offer hard proofs, on-line proofing, annotation and multi-stakeholder approvals through our secure web portal. We’re proud to be G7 Certified and hold ourselves to the highest level of quality on each and every job. 

    Data Management

    Our expertise in data management and the handling of live, high value codes launched us into the card business more than a decade ago. At Meyers, we take data management very seriously and have extensive experience dealing with third party security audits. We’re able to offer assurance to our customers against duplicate codes—without maintaining those codes in our database and guarantee that the backers and packaging match the cards in the shipment. 

    Print Production

    With over 50 years of experience in Lithographic, Flexographic and Screen Printing. We provide the right tools and expertise to get the job done accurately in any setting, on any substrate. 

    Encoding & Personalization

    To deliver the highest level of performance, ink jet, mag strip and NFC require the latest, most up-to-date technology and we’re willing to invest to offer the highest quality solutions on the market. In addition, we’ve committed to making continuous investments in the latest world-class video inspection, encoding and personalization technology to help keep cost down and production speeds up.


    We know that packaging can make or break a card project. Our engineering creativity and problem solving abilities are truly exceptional especially, when it comes to packaging. 

    Fulfillment & Shipping

    Meyers’ central location in Minneapolis provides us with the ability to easily serve our clients’ logistical needs and translates to real savings in the form of both time and money when it comes to shipping product. Our investment in the latest software for automated inventory management technology allows us to function efficiently regardless of the size of the program we’re running and seamlessly ship to thousands of locations at one time.


    We understand the value of increased messaging space in retail. Our expertise in folded cards, larger carriers and our patented Reveal® card allows us to help our clients achieve their messaging goals in the most appealing and way possible. 

    The Reveal® Card

    The unique, innovative design of our Reveal® card provides more space for content while also preventing product theft and fraud. The environmentally superior paper we print on has a gloss that is so high, the product mimics the appearance of plastic. 


    RFID and NFC embedded cards bring digital connectivity to a whole new level. As the only card manufacture to convert their own inlays, we are able to encode 100 percent read rates into our cards. The forward thinking cards we created in-house are able to contain and protect this new technology, making us ready to adapt with the future demands of the marketplace.

    Client Pre-Press Portals

    At Meyers, we maintain pre-press portals for our clients that are secure and customized to their specific needs. In these portals, clients can review proofs, track changes, submit files, collaborate and even manage multi-level approvals. This offers added security that can’t be achieved by sending files through email attachments or in DropBox.