Label Solutions

    Since 1962, from almost the very beginning of the self-adhesive label and specialty converting industry, Meyers has supplied high quality labels to some of the most ambitious customers, under the most intense requirements, in our industry.

    Primary Labels

    Brand identity is communicated to consumers directly through product labels. The way the label looks and feels speaks volumes about both the brand and product. Since 1962, we’ve been working to meet some of the most specific brand requirements in the business to help our customers effectively communicate who they are in the marketplace. Our unique capabilities, proven reliability, package engineering, application service, flexibility and relentless commitment to efficiency make us not just a partner but a true collaborator who is able to integrate seamlessly into any business.

    Coupons, Games & Promotions

    At Meyers, we’re committed to helping our clients improve their on-pack, in-pack and shelf promotions. We do this by working to keep costs low, focusing on improving our speed to market time, and creating promotions that are visually appealing and outperform the competition in the marketplace. 
    We’re the go-to company for brands that are trying to breakthrough in the competitive retail marketplace. Our large production scale, security measures, code management and tracking capabilities, award winning design and in-house engineering support help us to deliver eye-catching promotions that consistently improve brand recognition in marketplace.

    Converting Solutions

    Every year we produce millions of products that find their way into medical and electronic devices. Clients choose to work with us because of the value we add by knowing materials and processes inside and out. Through our unique design capabilities, we are able to make components that are thinner, stronger, cheaper and more conductive. We’re well versed in Six Sigma, cGMP’s and ISO procedures and produce our converting solutions with world class manufacturing performance. 

    Code Management

    With over 10 years of experience generating, authenticating and tracking proprietary codes, Meyers protects our clients’ collateral with the best-in-class code integrity network and database management. Our proven code generation and track-and-trace systems provide consistency and security offering our clients peace of mind, knowing that their codes are in the hands of trusted experts. 

    Durable Labels

    Creating labels durable enough to last as long as our clients’ products is our expertise. Our label specialists consistently find the best solution to meet any label challenge. They do this by studying the lifecycle of a product and the potential conditions it may face. Then, they strategically select the correct material elements for extreme temperatures, shipping, storing or extensive user handling. Creating labels that will remain visually appealing, with graphics that are legible throughout the product lifecycle, is crucial and we’re committed to producing labels that will not fail.