Meyers Launches Reveal™ Card to Offer More Content Space in Prepaid and Promotional Cards

Reveal Cards

Minneapolis, MN – Meyers introduces the new Reveal™ Card, designed to offer more content space in card promotions through its unique, adaptable design. With its patented construction utilizing an opening flap, the Reveal Card is available in any typical card size and can deliver secure concealed codes (software download codes, activation codes, product identification codes, bar codes, magnetic stripes and protected pin codes) on its four panels, and offer high-quality graphics, custom ads and messages, inserted coupons or booklets (behind the secure flap). Brands can use Reveal Card for countless purposes: special offers, coupons, instructions, and warranty information, just to name a few.

“The unique two-ply Reveal Card is the first-of-its-kind card that allows brands greater opportunities to profit by offering more ‘real estate’ for their card promotions,” said Meyers Card Group President Gregg Temple. “Companies can take advantage of all four panels and use the Reveal Card for just about anything: multiple or secondary offers, cross-promotions, to software downloads, product activations, and as gift cards.”

The Reveal Card also offers another distinct feature: an innovative tear strip that replaces the messy scratch-off material used on traditional plastic cards. The tear strip is safe, secure, and convenient for consumer use. In addition, the Reveal Card has the look and feel of plastic, but is paper-based, allowing it to be recycled with typical paper items.

Meyers created the Reveal Card to be used with numerous decorative effects, such as holography, foil stamping, and even tactile effects. “Our goal was to create a card that catches the eye, creates curiosity, and is enticing enough to cause the user to read the back, open the panels and explore,” Temple explained. “We’re proud to have found a smart way to deliver significantly more content in the same footprint and improve cycle time for customers while reducing their impact on the environment.”

Minneapolis-based Meyers is a well-known provider of innovative, award-winning shopper marketing solutions whose clients include many of the world’s leading brands. Meyers designs, produces and distributes prepaid cards, primary labels, retail signage, temporary and permanent displays, store traffic and brand builders, sales kits, and on-pack coupons and game pieces.