Retail Marketing Solutions

    Many of the world’s best known retailers and brand marketers work with Meyers to create innovative retail marketing solutions that drive sales. Our single-point-of-contact structure, award winning creative design, impressive speed to the market and unparalleled innovation, allow us to consistently deliver solutions that raise brand awareness and increase sales.

    3D Displays

    Dream it up, we can create it. From design to rendering, prototyping to production, our eye-catching three-dimensional displays are value engineered to increase ROI and leverage results in retail. 


    Our expert team creates and produces attention-grabbing, custom signage to fit any budget, brand or retail space. We’re committed to maintaining the integrity of branded assets on any substrate, in any size, whether that mean color, font, logo or trademark consistency. 

    Coupons & Games

    At Meyers, we’re committed to helping our customers improve their on-pack, in-pack and shelf promotional programs. We do this by working to keep costs low, maintaining rapid speed to the market time and creating promotions that are visually appealing and outperform the competition in the marketplace. 
    This commitment makes us the go-to company for brands that are trying to breakthrough in the competitive retail marketplace. Our large production scale, security measures, code management and tracking capabilities, award winning design and in-house engineering support help us to deliver eye-catching promotions that consistently improve brand recognition.

    Sales Promotion Kits

    We’ve perfected the process for creating promotional sales kits. Whether clients are putting materials together for a new product launch, a seasonal promotion or a product training kit, our innovative designs, single-sources production capabilities, scalable pack-out functionality and strategically planned distribution allows us to help our clients hit the market quickly.

    Pre-Engineered Solutions

    Our pre-engineered solutions are a cost effective, modular, customizable and hassle-free option that increase brands’ speed to the market time with low shipping costs. Meyers’ exclusive mBox, mFlex and Alpaca designs were created with ease-of-use in mind. This strategic planning has allowed us to produce efficient and cost effective pre-engineered solutions that support companies brand efforts.

    Proof of Placement

    Unfortunately, all too often, displays aren’t set up properly in-store or, even at all. It’s impossible to gain a ROI from a display that customers never see. To help remedy this problem, we created a proof of placement app. 
    Our easy to use app is built on cloud software and uses consumers’ cell phones to confirm a display’s geo location, time and date stamp. This information is collected when a consumer scans a QR code on the display or taps the built-in NFC. 

    In-Store Support

    We offer scalable, in-store support options based on particular budget and business needs. At Meyers, we provide assistance anywhere from visiting a store to make sure the display was properly set up, to fixing merchandise, restocking or collecting data.