Technology Solutions

    From medical device component label parts to cutting edge NFC technology, Meyers is constantly innovating using Six Sigma and lean methodologies to optimize production and efficiency. 

    Converting Solutions

    Every year, we produce millions of products that find their way into medical and electronic devices. Clients choose to work with us because of the value we add by knowing materials and processes inside and out. Through our unique design process, we are able to make components that are thinner, stronger, cheaper and more conducive to our customers’ processes. We’re well versed in Six Sigma, cGMP’s and ISO procedures and produce our converting solutions with world class manufacturing performance. 

    Code Management

    With over 10 years of experience generating, authenticating and tracking proprietary codes, Meyers protects our clients’ collateral with the best-in-class code integrity, network and database management. Our proven code generation and track-and-trace systems provide consistency and security offering our clients peace of mind, knowing that their codes are in the hands of trusted experts. 

    RFID & NFC

    Meyers is the proven market leader in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communications (NFC). Our customers rely on us for cost effective, engineered solution that perform even under the most demanding application requirements. Our ability to work with many different inlays and a wide array of sophisticated substrates creates a greater range of options for our customers’ projects in this growing and evolving field.