How Does Packaging Affect Consumer Behavior?

How Does Packaging Affect Consumer Behavior?

In today’s highly competitive market, brands need to work hard to stand out. Product marketing managers need to do more than just create effective solutions. They also need to convince their customers their brand is the best option. Product packaging has evolved from being a product container to a powerful strategy for marketing the product and the brand.

The effect of packaging on consumer behavior is significant: 72% of Americans believe that product packaging design plays a crucial role in their purchasing decisions, with 81% citing it as an important factor when buying gifts.

Below are some of the ways product packaging can influence consumer behavior:

  1. Grab attention through unique design

Product packaging becomes a customer’s first encounter with your product, and perhaps with your brand as a whole. Unique packaging is a prime opportunity to introduce your brand to a consumer. However, it is unavoidable for similar products from different brands to share a common motif or look in this current hyper-competitive market.

One emerging trend in consumer behavior is sharing experiences through social media. Dotcom Distribution reports that 40% of consumers share images of product packaging on social media if it is unique or branded. This means that creative product packaging can differentiate your brand from the competition and create awareness around the product itself.

  1. Touch on emotions and psychological triggers with colors

People decide whether to buy a product within 90 seconds of their initial interaction with it; 62 to 90% of this assessment is based on color alone. Colors play a vital role in product packaging as they can echo common themes associated with your product. They can also influence the customer’s perception by evoking various emotions.

For instance, the color red has been associated with stimulation, excitement, and activity. It is used for products related to action, movement, and even hunger. The key is to use colors that convey the appropriate tone or mood and communicate what your product is. 

  1. Provide answers to consumer questions

Your packaging serves as a means to communicate directly with your consumers. The design and information printed on it should introduce what the product is for and preempt any questions. 

Having additional information on product labels—such as product details, specifications, and relevant dates—can easily influence consumer behavior. These crucial details make it easier for buyers to determine if the product is suitable for their needs. This information can help elevate your brand’s image and reputation, creating a sense of trust between you and the consumer.

  1. Reflect the overall quality of the product

While having attractive and unique product packaging can be advantageous, it should also evoke the same quality as your product. The look and feel of your packaging may be different depending on your target audience. However, excellent and high-quality packaging creates a bold impact no matter the industry.

Quality packaging can convince consumers to trust the product inside and justify the cost of the product, especially with luxury items. Premium branding and packaging can influence consumer behavior, as 61% of buyers are more likely to repurchase a luxury product if it comes in premium packaging.

  1. Retain functionality and feel

The core function of packaging is to contain and protect the product. Factors that can influence consumer behavior when deciding on a purchase include the size of the packaging, its sturdiness or ability to keep the product safe, and the ease of opening and returning it for storage.

Additionally, the process of unboxing a product from its packaging contributes to the consumer’s overall experience. 55% of consumers who watch unboxing videos report that it convinced them to purchase the product, making the overarching packaging look and feel a worthwhile investment.

  1. Communicate your brand’s values and vision

Consumers are now moving towards making more conscious shopping choices. It is vital that you share your brand’s values and vision through your product packaging. 

Advocacies such as product transparency, ethical sourcing, and environmental sustainability are in consumers’ minds, and they want to support brands that share the same values as they do. Having labels and other certifications present on your packaging can easily show your brand’s commitment to these causes. 

Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging can sway consumer behavior, as they further prove the commitment to these causes. According to a survey, 78% of consumers are willing to purchase products with less wasteful and more eco-friendly packaging.

Understanding the Impact of Packaging on Consumers

Product packaging is more than just an outer shell for your product—it is an extension of the product and a part of your brand. The right packaging can go a long way in convincing consumers that your product is a cut above the rest.With the various amounts of products in the market, businesses may have different packaging needs. Contact Meyers Printing today to bring your brand packaging to life with professional printing solutions.