Sustainable Packaging Manufacturer

Meyers is proud to design and manufacture a range of sustainable packaging, including folding cartons and labels. We believe sustainable packaging requires the use of responsible materials, eco-friendly manufacturing practices, and green design principles. Our team has substantial experience and expertise in all three, which we’re glad to bring to work for your brand as your partner for sustainable package printing.

Sustainable Package Printing

We know how difficult it can be to find the right sustainable packaging manufacturer for you. At Meyers, we deliver excellent customer service and the highest quality standards to ensure that it’s easier than ever to buy your packaging. We offer a range of sustainable materials, from FSC and SFI-certified materials to recycled content, compostable materials, biodegradable materials, and more. And, our expert design team can help ensure that your final design leads to curbside recyclable packages.

Looking for more than just sustainable package printing? Check out our sustainable labels page to learn more about how those will support your brand’s sustainability goals.

Sustainable Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are among one of the top choices of packaging from brands because they are a form of paper and are widely viewed by consumers as sustainable. In a recent survey, the respondents were asked to rank their preferred packaging material based on 15 environmental, aesthetic, and practical attributes and overall paperboard packaging was preferred for 10 of the 15. Paperboard is a great option for packaging that is easily recycled and made of responsibly sourced materials.

PCW Packaging Supplier

One of the best ways to show consumers that your brand takes sustainability seriously is incorporating Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) or Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content into your packaging. As a result, many brands find themselves looking for a PCW or PCR packaging supplier. While there are some nuances in sourcing and printing PCW content for paperboard packaging, those challenges are much smaller than equivalent challenges with plastic primary packaging, especially for the Health & Beauty industry. Meyers is proud to serve as a PCW packaging supplier for several of our clients. Beyond sourcing and manufacturing those materials, our team also has experience guiding brands through the transition to PCR packaging within our design, sales, and account management departments.

Sustainable Packaging eBook

If you’d like to learn more about sustainable packaging, check out our eBook, Sustainable Packaging for Millennial and Gen Z Shoppers – A Guide for CPG Brands. This free guide gives your brand an in-depth look at a wide range of sustainable packaging information.


Our MOQ for sustainable folding cartons is 5,000 units per SKU. Our MOQ for corrugate packaging is 2,000 units per SKU. There are times when we make exceptions to our MOQs, please contact us to learn more.

Like all major sustainable packaging manufacturers, Meyers has our area of expertise. For us, that’s paper folding cartons, labels, retail displays and cards. You’ll need an additional supplier for other types of sustainable packaging, including shipping supplies, bottles, flexible pouches and more.

Nothing really. PCW stands for Post-Consumer Waste, while PCR stands for Post-Consumer Recycled. In either case, if we’re manufacturing something with one of those materials, it was consumer waste that got recycled and turned into a fresh material.

Yes, we do know some other manufacturers that create different types of packaging. We’re glad to recommend groups we know well enough to believe you can trust them with your brand.

Many of the paper packaging products we manufacture do fit most definitions for compostability or biodegradability. There are complications in marketing packaging as either of those things based on local laws, federal laws, and certification body rules. Please contact us to learn more and understand whether we can manufacture packaging for your brand that is likely to receive one or both of those designations.

Meyers is focused on a different type of sustainable package printing, so we’re not able to supply standup pouches or other types of flexible packaging. We are glad to recommend a flexible packaging supplier if that’s helpful to you and your brand.

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