Sustainable Display Solutions

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands can make a positive impact by choosing sustainable retail display options for their products. When brands opt for more eco-friendly materials slinuch as recyclable display options, they can reduce their carbon footprint and show consumers that they want to play a part in creating a better future.

Sustainable retail displays can be just as creative and visually appealing as non-sustainable options and can still promote an appealing retail environment. Many consumers are now looking for eco-friendly products, so brands that prioritize sustainability can appeal to eco-conscious customers. By choosing sustainable merchandising alternatives, CPG brands can differentiate themselves from others in the market and show their commitment to sustainability.

Meyers has the knowledge to help you create beautiful and sustainable in-store displays. Work with our expert designers to create functional, show stopping pieces that are bound to catch the eye of busy shoppers.

Choosing a Sustainable Retail Display Manufacturer

Let’s talk about Retail Display Manufacturers. It’s important to know that they are not all the same. Some may just take your order and produce it—that’s it. While others will take you through the design process to create something truly distinctive. If you’re thinking about implementing more sustainable merchandising options for your brand, you need to find a partner who shares the same goals. That’s where Meyers packaging comes into play. We’re proud to say that we’ve been working hard to achieve meaningful certifications and partner with more organizations to become the best that we can be. We don’t want to be behind the curve when it comes to sustainable retail display capabilities, we want to lead the way. We understand how important it is to find innovative sustainable display solutions, and we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your sustainability goals. 

Recyclable Retail Displays

Choosing sustainable retail display materials is a way CPG brands can do their part to create less waste. By using eco-friendly practices like utilizing wind power and digital printing, brands can make a difference in reducing their carbon footprint. With digital printing, retailers can create really impressive sustainable displays without generating a ton of waste from plates and chemicals. Plus, by using recyclable materials like cardboard, and paper or choosing FSC certified materials, you can up your sustainability game and create stunning recyclable displays. Having an FSC certification means that materials used for displays come from responsibly managed forests that meet environmental and social standards. By going sustainable, brands can help shape a more sustainable future, and create eco-conscious products for sustainably-minded shoppers.


Meyers is committed to a full range of responsible manufacturing practices. Such as zero waste to landfill, recycling on a large scale. We recycled over 2.7 million pounds of material in 2022. This saved over 5,000 tons of CO2 from being emitted while also saving over 8.6 million gallons of fresh water and nearly 21,000 trees. And using sustainable materials. These materials include FSC and SFI-certified materials, recycled content, unbleached papers, plastic labels made from regenerative sources and more.

Sustainable displays can be just as sturdy and durable as non-sustainable options. In fact, sustainable materials like corrugate and metal can be very strong and long-lasting. It all comes down to the quality of the materials used and how the display is constructed.

Some popular options include cardboard, paper, glass, metal, and plastic. These materials are easy to recycle and can be used to create a variety of recyclable display types. For example, you can use corrugate or paper to create freestanding displays. Glass and metal are great for creating durable, long-lasting displays that can be reused multiple times. And if you must use plastic, choose ones that are made from recyclable materials and can be easily recycled after use.

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