Whether consumers get your product in a retail location or online, your packaging is often the most recognizable part of your brand. Meyers has been serving the world’s top brands for decades, meticulously printing a wide variety of materials that connect consumers to your products, including product packaging.

Meyers goes well beyond producing simple folding cartons, instead creating high-quality specialty folding cartons & corrugate packaging through digital or traditional lithographic printing processes.

Product packaging is a critical item in your supply chain, and you can trust Meyers to ensure all aspects of your branding are beautifully and consistently represented while delivering fast production timelines. Meyers is a family business building long-lasting relationships with amazing brands, so you can rest easy knowing the integrity of your packaging will never be sacrificed for short-term profits or due to transnational relationships.

Prime Labels

Your brand is your promise, which is why it is so important that your product labels be both eye-catching and flawlessly executed. Since 1962, Meyers has met some of the most challenging brand requirements in the business to help clients effectively communicate who they are. Read more about our custom prime labels.

Our unique label manufacturing capabilities, proven reliability, package engineering, flexibility, and relentless commitment to efficiency make us a true branding collaborator. When required, we can create durable labels that stand up to extreme temperatures, shipping, storage or extensive user handling.

We also offer label application services that can be implemented in our clients’ plants with little to no disruption to normal manufacturing routines. This allows us to seamlessly integrate into our customers’ systems without costly upgrades or downtime.


Our talented and experienced design team brings imagination to life with custom 3D displays that are easy to assemble and cost-effective.

We work with a broad range of materials from corrugate to wood, metal, acrylic, glass, and more. Our engaging displays can feature lights, motion, sound, and extra-special finishing touches such as glitter and mixed materials.

To speed up production and delivery, all our prototyping is done in-house. In addition to custom work, Meyers also offers pre-engineered displays, a modular and cost-effective option for point-of-sale.

Coupons & Promotional Print

Brands come to life through on-pack, in-pack, and shelf promotional programs. We are experts at designing and manufacturing visually appealing coupons, games, and paper premiums.

Our large production scale, world-class security measures, award-winning design, and in-house engineering enable us to keep costs low, maintain rapid speed to market, and create promotions that improve brand recognition and outperform the competition in the marketplace. Further, with over 10 years of experience generating, authenticating, and tracking proprietary codes, Meyers protects our clients’ collateral with the best-in-class code integrity network and database management.

Our proven code generation and track-and-trace systems provide consistent and secure code management and tracking for your peace of mind.

Packaging Design Services

As retail marketing experts with a wealth of experience, Meyers’ in-house creative team collaborates with clients to turn their visions into reality. Whether starting from square one or with a fully developed concept, our imagination, resourcefulness, and collaborative approach lead to superior designs that stand out in the market.

With your input, we are inspired to conceptualize, design, and engineer two- and three-dimensional pieces that withstand the harshest settings, while still remaining cost-effective. In addition, Meyers’ life-like prototypes help our clients explore their design options quickly and efficiently. We remove any guesswork and help clients go to market knowing exactly how their product will look, feel and perform.


Label Design Services

We know how important it is to have standout labels that capture your brand’s personality. That’s why our in-house design team at Meyers offers top-notch creative label design services that help turn your plans into a reality. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have a fully formed concept, we’re all about teaming up with you to create designs that truly stand out in the retail environment.

With your vision, we get inspired to create custom labels that make your products shine. We achieve this by designing impactful, creative, and strong labels— all while keeping costs down. We take the guesswork out of the project and help our clients confidently bring their product to market, knowing exactly how it will look, feel, and perform on retail shelves!

Large Format Signage Printing

Sometimes, size really does matter.

For example, our large-format KBA Rapida 205 six-color press with coater and UV capabilities is the largest in the world and was designed and engineered specifically for the in-store signage and display segments of retail marketing. It cost-effectively prints high-quality sheets of up to 81″ x 59″. And for quality, high-speed digital printing, our INCA X3 wide-format UV flatbed printer with more than 200,000 inkjets can accommodate materials up to 126″ x 63″. 

Why does this matter? Because being able to print bigger brings your brand to life at retail on large, complex projects, including displays that require wrap-around imagery.

Paper Cards- Gift Cards & DLC

Our expertise in data management and handling live, high-value codes launched us into the card business more than a decade ago. Meyers now provides design, pre-press, data management, print production, encoding, personalized packaging, fulfillment, and distribution of cards and card packaging tailored to meet your most stringent requirements.

Our industry-leading technology delivers the highest level of performance for inkjet or screen printing, magstripe encoding, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and Near Field Communications (NFC). Meyers’ folded cards, card carriers, and patented Reveal® and Lock It® cards provide more space for content while also preventing code theft and fraud


Every year, Meyers produces millions of functional parts for medical and electronic devices. Through our unique design process, we can make components that are thinner, stronger, less expensive, and more conducive to our customers’ processes than other manufacturers.

Our converting capabilities include die cutting, finishing, laminating, slitting, RFID converting, conductive ink printing, and more. We’re well-versed in Six Sigma, cGMPs, and ISO procedures and produce our converting solutions with world-class manufacturing technologies. In addition, our in-depth knowledge of converting materials and processes ensures the end product meets or exceeds your highest expectations.

Grocery Labels, Cardstock & Signage

Partner with us to transform the appearance of your stores with our specialized point-of-purchase materials designed to highlight your in-store promotions. We offer a wide range of stocked and custom print solutions including labels, card stocks, shelf tags, large format, and other specialty items that help your store stand out from the competition.

Meyers creates high-impact custom print solutions to place throughout your store. Let Meyers add your company’s logo, in-store promotion or other special design to any cardstock or label for a distinctive look. Our custom pre-printed signs can help influence your customers to make good buying decisions by conveying your specific message. Our offering also includes shelf tags, shelf strips, wobblers, pop outs, floor graphics, window clings and ceiling danglers


Whether for a one-time marketing campaign or for ongoing brand maintenance, Meyers has the experience and tools to bring your vision to reality. To this end, we’ve made major investments in state-of-the-art equipment. This includes some of the world’s largest and most versatile presses that can print on virtually any substrate imaginable. From digital, offset or flexographic printing to pre-engineered and custom 3D displays, we have the most advanced manufacturing technology in the industry. Our converting capabilities include die cutting, finishing, laminating, slitting, and more. In addition, Meyers’ Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communications (NFC) perform under the most demanding application requirements.

  • Large-format graphics
  • Prime labels
  • Promotions
  • Cards & Card packaging
  • Converting
  • RFID & NFC

Client Portal

We help clients manage their brands to ensure consistency, transparency, and accuracy with their overall retail marketing activities. We do this through SystemConnectTM, a simple and secure data platform that includes custom workflows and can integrate third parties, which is especially important when ordering is decentralized. SystemConnect also is used to seamlessly manage clients’ digital assets and product inventory.

And where the rubber meets the road—in stores—we offer store profiling, which includes everything from determining which and how many specific marketing materials are delivered to each store location, to visiting stores to check displays and restock merchandise. We are experts at the complex process of serialization, assigning unique, traceable numbers to individual saleable units. This cornerstone of regulation in the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly being adopted by other industries, such as food and computer parts manufacturing, to ensure traceability.

  • Custom workflows
  • Inventory management
  • Print on demand
  • Store profiling
  • Coupon program management

Warehousing & Kitting

For printing small quantities, Meyers’ high-quality digital and litho print-on-demand services offer an economical solution. For displays, our in-house engineers and fabricators have unrivaled expertise in gluing, shaping, screwing, attaching, and integrating complex mixed materials in sophisticated and creative ways. And whether a client has multiple kit components, or kits going to multiple stores, we make sure the right kits are delivered to the right locations, on time, every time.

To pack and ship our unique signage and displays, we produce our own boxes using our in-house box-making machine, which increases our speed to market and saves costs. And, of course, our storage, distribution, and fulfillment systems integrate seamlessly with yours.

  • Assembly and kitting
  • Packing and shipping
  • Warehousing