5 Elements of Great Valentine’s Day Packaging

It’s February and love is in the air – and we’re not talking about love for the Bengals and Rams, the two Super Bowl participants poised for battle the day before the big day, which is of course Valentine’s Day! And much like NFL football, Valentine’s Day can be divisive. There are some folks that love this “Hallmark Holiday” and others that really don’t love it.

Packaging and labels on the other hand, is something we can all get behind here at Meyers. It’s our passion – we absolutely love it. Like other holidays, this represents a perfect opportunity for your team to develop and create innovative Valentine’s Day packaging that will draw the attention of the lovebirds buying each other gifts. So, let’s discuss a few ways to inspire passion when it comes to driving product purchases for that special someone.

Use the shape of a heart

Valentines day packaging and sweets

This is one of the most popular and recognizable Valentine’s Day packaging designs. Heart-shaped Valentine’s Day packaging certainly draws attention for those shopping for gifts. While there’s the clichéd heart-shaped box or tin of chocolates and other confections, there are plenty of options to consider for adorning these hearts. Labels can add tactile effects such as a soft velvety touch or even a hard feel, evoking diamonds and gemstones. Shimmering foil and other gleaming special effects are a great way to catch a shopper’s eye. Extended-content type labels can also adhere to the hearts, with enough space for lengthy and heart-felt thoughts and feelings. Not sure what to do for your brand? Just follow your heart!

More than just sweet treats

Valentines day rice packaging

When we think of heart-shaped packaging, we usually think of candy, cookies, cakes and the like. But there are many other products that are great fit for heart-shaped packaging. To name a few, there’s scented soaps and other bath and beauty products, clothing that doubles as Valentine’s Day attire, jewelry and other accessories. There’re a host of other products that would be perfectly nestled in a heart-shaped package.

Think pink

Pink Valentine's Day packaging

The color pink is perhaps the one that’s most synonymous with Valentine’s Day, but don’t sleep on reds and whites for your Valentine’s-themed package. The red rose was the favorite flower for the Roman goddess of love, Venus. That said, red is often used for products gifted to those in an intimate relationship. White, on the other hand, is said to be an appropriate Valentine’s color for friends and family. And do you know what you get when you mix red and white? Pink!

Thinking beyond pink

Black premium Valentine's Day packaging

At Meyers, we like to be creative, and we have ideas for other less-traditional colors for Valentine’s Day packaging. Royal blue and royal purple exude luxury. Black and white serves as a color scheme with a sense of nostalgia, and when you throw in let’s say a pink or a red, this package will really pop on shelf. Lavender, pastels and yellows are also great choices. After all, think of all the flowers exchanged on this day. They give off a feeling of comfort. Finally, on the spicier side, according to Pantone, juicy colors like tangerine, cranberry and grape stimulate appetites and can put the gift-receiver in “high arousal mode.” (we promise we’re talking about hunger appetite here – like food hunger – which we won’t show with an eggplant emoji… )

Finding a font

Valentines Day Fonts for Packaging

How your brand’s font look on its labels and packaging is important. And on this special day there’s myriad options that say “love is in the air.” We came across one particular Pinterest post that listed eight of the best options: Annabella, Oh Mistletoe, Lucita, Alehouse, Loveletter Script, Storyteller, Hello Sunshine and Sweetheart. Of course there are many, many others that fit the bill. Again, just follow your heart!

Here at Meyers, on this and every Valentine’s Day, we love labels and packaging. If you’re looking for advice and insight on how your brand can stand out among the others – and get all the love – let us know and we’ll set up a date to discuss our packaging future together.