7 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Corrugated Packaging

Brands across various industries use corrugated packaging to store and ship products because it offers numerous advantages, from great durability to versatility and customization. And regardless of what size, shape, or color you require, corrugated packaging can be an ideal packaging option for your products.

Corrugated packaging is also among the most sustainable types of packaging. The majority of corrugated packaging contains between 70% and 100% recycled material. 

The corrugated packaging market value of approximately $67.4 billion in 2021 may expand at a robust CAGR of more than 3.50% and is likely to reach $82.8 billion over the forecast period of 2022–2028. 

With the increasing use of corrugated packaging, this versatile product packaging can be an opportunity to make a lasting impression and drive customer loyalty. If your business is thinking of utilizing corrugated cardboard packaging for your products, this article will discuss its benefits for your brand.

What is Corrugated Packaging?

corrugated packaging benefits

Corrugated is a type of recyclable packaging that has two main parts: the liner and the medium. Both components use containerboard, a unique and dense kind of paper, in constructing the packaging.

The liner is the flat layer that attaches to the medium and is normally on the board’s exterior surfaces but may also be inside some constructions, while the medium is the paper that comes in the form of arches or flutes and lies between the linerboard facings. 

Various industries use corrugated product packaging, including the food industry, stationery, textiles, eCommerce, electronics, and more. 

How Can Corrugated Packaging Benefit Your Business?

Corrugated packaging offers various functionalities that make it beneficial for your sales, cost savings, and sustainability goals.

  1. Robust and resistant structure

    Unlike standard cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes are more durable. They serve as a sturdy cushion for different types of goods during shipping and handling. Their packaging design prevents moisture and bacteria from getting inside the products, which is crucial for food products that typically go through lengthy transit times. 
  1. An informative and promotional tool
what is corrugated packaging

You can personalize the corrugated packaging material to aid your brand recognition strategy. A minimalist appearance on corrugated cardboard printing can be a terrific method for personalized branding, which can further impress consumers. Coupled with an effective sustainable marketing strategy, this type of packaging can win your clients’ loyalty and keep their engagement with your brand intact.

  1. Easily customizable
corrugated packaging benefits

Customizing corrugated packaging is simple. Your corrugated manufacturers can create personalized boxes based on your unique business needs. You can also use customized packaging such as custom folding cartons with an appealing design to enhance product advertising.

Corrugated packaging customizations can also extend to a specific size and shape that your product needs. This approach can help your brand improve its overall customer experience, providing users with the ideal structure and functionality they want in packaging.

  1. Recyclable and biodegradable

One of the greenest packaging options available, corrugated cardboard typically comprises 70% to 100% recycled newspapers or cardboard cartons that do not use colors or bleaches. As such, you can reduce your packaging’s negative environmental impact.

corrugated packaging benefits

Moreover, you can be confident that less packaging waste will go to landfills. Corrugated packaging is highly reusable, as consumers frequently fold cartons and keep them for later use in homes, workplaces, and retailer stores. 

  1. Energy saving

Corrugated cardboards have a knock-on effect that lowers the use of energy and other resources during production since they involve reusing and recycling materials. Transportation expenses can also remain cheaper since manufacturers use locally accessible materials instead of importing them.

  1. Lightweight

If you manufacture or transport heavy goods, you would not want to add extra weight and shipping costs to your products by using bulky packaging. Corrugated cardboard is helpful in this situation because it is lightweight yet sturdy.

Additionally, this lightweight feature can be practical for customers since they won’t incur extra shipping charges. That is on top of ensuring that their purchases reach them in perfect shape. Not only does this approach save customers money but it also exposes them to more sustainable packaging solutions

  1. Highly flexible
corrugated packaging benefits

Corrugated packaging is sustainable packaging that comes in a wide range of sizes and with one, two, or even three walls. You may use corrugated boxes to pack various products, from food to perfume and clothes, among others. 

Corrugated Packaging for Your Business

Concerns over the world’s current ecological state are on the rise. As such, utilizing corrugated packaging can bring more than just a new look to your business. It can also amplify your branding as you shift to a greener packaging alternative that values and promotes sustainability.

To learn more about your business needs, talk to experts from Meyers who can bring your packaging vision to life via professional printing solutions. Contact us at Meyers Printing, and discover how your business can start adopting greener packaging solutions.