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A tradition of excellence

Excellence is the goal of everything we do at Meyers, and it’s always rewarding to receive confirmation that our efforts are paying off. Most recently, that confirmation arrived in the form of Hormel Food Corporation’s 2018 Spirit of Excellence Award

Hormel presents the award each year to vendors who have provided outstanding service in all areas of the company’s operations. To qualify, vendors must earn a score of at least 92 on Hormel’s supplier rating index, a 29-year-old measure that the company uses to evaluate all of its suppliers. Companies like Meyers are evaluated on criteria including meeting performance requirements, making on-time deliveries, and providing high-level customer service. 

This is not the first time Meyers has  earned the Spirit of Excellence Award. In fact, the Meyers’ team has received the Spirit of Excellence Award 27 times in the 29 years it has been presented. We have won Hormel’s No. 1 Award all four times it has been given. Hormel presents the No. 1 Award every five years to suppliers who have earned the Spirit of Excellence Award four of the previous five years and who have earned an average supplier rating index score of at least 96, and met additional requirements.

Everyone at Meyers takes these awards seriously. They are an indication of our company-wide commitment  to collaborating with clients and helping them achieve excellent results. And that is what our business is all about.