An environment of excellence

Nobody’s perfect, but at Meyers that doesn’t stop us from pursuing perfection every day, with every project.

We received evidence of what we can achieve when we commit to quality recently when a Meyers client completed  a social and environmental accountability audit. The client, a major international manufacturer of computer hardware and software, regularly audits the industrial environments of companies it works with to evaluate regulatory compliance and ensure employee safety and well-being. 

The goal of these audits is to ensure that as their business partner, we treat our own employees with equity and dignity and that we foster a work environment that prioritizes employee well-being and business ethics. 

It’s a rigorous audit that examines areas where many industrial workplaces fall short. Last year, for example, auditors found 216 occupational safety issues across the 84 factories they examined. But this year at Meyers, they found zero. 

Zero is an important number at Meyers. Our skilled employees work hard every day to ensure our clients experience zero problems, zero delays, and zero concerns about their projects. As this audit shows, that commitment to zero extends to the work environment we provide for employees.  

Our employees work hard to make sure projects add up to zero for our clients, and we take pride in both their efforts and the environment in which they work. The results of this audit are a powerful sign that our commitment to creating a world-class workplace is paying off. Thank you to everyone who makes that possible.