An Illuminating Look at Candle Packaging Ideas

According to the National Candle Association, more than 75 percent of candle purchasers consider candles an appropriate gift for the holidays or as a housewarming gift, and more than 50 percent feel they’re ideal for a hostess or thank-you gift, and an adult birthday gift. These stats highlight the importance of selecting candle packaging designs that convey the beauty and uniqueness of the product in an attractive way that will reflect your brand’s aesthetics and entice buyers to see your candles as the perfect gift for almost any occasion. And for customers looking for something for their own home, beautiful labeling will help them see how your candles will enhance the ambience of their nest.

When we create custom candle packaging design and labels for our clients, we consider the functional elements that will offer optimal protection from the shipping process to display time on shelves, as well as the attractiveness that will reflect your brand’s aesthetics. In-store shoppers are especially enticed to pick up and smell a candle when the packaging and labeling are attractive from a shape and color perspective. And for online sellers, standout candle packaging ideas are even more important because the olfactory impression isn’t part of the shopper’s experience in that format.

folding carton and candle

Simple lines and minimalist design continue to be a popular look in candle packaging design, though recent décor trends toward maximalism are gaining momentum with a return to bolder colors and vibrant floral and geometric patterns. Our talented in-house design teams stay current with the latest trends, making them well versed in a wide variety of styles and able to bring your creative vision to life. We have many decades of experience working with leading brands on their candle packaging and labels, and our unique finishing and embellishment capabilities include foils, textures, embossing, and even glitter effects for something especially celebratory!

Meyers produces product packaging for cosmetics, health & beauty, and food & beverage for many of the world’s best brands. Our labels can be printed in traditional flexo or digital, or a flexo-digital hybrid, to support any type of candle label a brand wants. We provide the two of the most common types of candle boxes – folding cartons and corrugated packaging – that are popular due to their excellent value, ability to support a wide range of branding options, and capability of being made with sustainable materials.