Beer Packaging Design Ideas and Tips

Make Your Beer Packaging Stand Out: Ideas and Design Tips

Packaging is an integral part of a product’s sales process. The design and look of your packaging can capture your customers’ attention regardless if it is through retail or online stores.

The emphasis on product packaging applies to the beer industry as well. There are hundreds of beer brands available worldwide, all with their unique packaging, so it may be difficult to design and produce packaging that will stand out and represent your brand well. 

Your business would want something innovative yet unique to position your brand above the tough competition. The following sections will discuss some of the best design ideas and tips to make your beer packaging stand out.

The Best Beer Packaging Design Ideas

If ever you are wondering what makes a good packaging design, here are some tips and ideas that you can consider to help you achieve the final product you desire. 

1. Text-centric

Beer packaging typically includes characters in its design. Recently, however, more and more brewers favor straying away from imagery, patterns, and illustrations. Instead, brands would rely on text and use it as the primary focus of the label art. 

The reason lies in its simplicity factor. Typography can be as powerful when communicating your brand’s personality. When typography is the central focus of the packaging, the product’s minimalist features, paired with the right colors, can create a unique aesthetic that can rival other beer labels that incorporate heavy designs. 

2. Kraft paper

One of the most popular materials for beer packaging design is kraft paper. Kraft paper has an industrial-style aesthetic that blends classic and modern features into a unique, refined look. Several beer label designs incorporate this material because of its diverse use and simplicity.

Furthermore, kraft paper is manufactured from virgin wood pulp, making it organic, compostable, recyclable, and generally a more sustainable packaging solution. It can also be recycled up to seven times due to its durable properties.

3. Vintage designs

Many classic, vintage designs in beer custom packaging incorporate the colors and designs that typically go with beer. Brown bottles and eccentric imagery are some of the classic components of a vintage product design.

budweiser packaging

Budweiser packaging is well-known for its white cans with black and red colors, making it a classic, yet easily noticeable design.

Despite these being the usual design, the advantage of incorporating these classic tactics is that many people have an affinity for them due to nostalgia or sentimental value. Effective packaging solutions involve grabbing the customer’s attention, and banking on a customer’s attachment to the design is an excellent way to do this. 

4. Names and fonts

One of the simplest ways to build brand and product awareness is by highlighting the product’s name

Your business can consider adding unique factors that contribute to your brand’s personality. Quirky fonts and unusual color combinations are some of the things you may apply to create a unique blend of the best packaging colors and designs.

5. Bottle choices

An essential factor to consider in the beer packaging process is selecting the bottle you intend to use. There are various kinds of bottles in different colors. These include the classic amber and the more modern green bottles. 

The most commonly used bottle color is amber. You will notice that most stock bottles come in this color, making them distinguishable from other alcoholic products.

Depending on how you intend to design the bottle and your brand’s personality, other colors can work better. Green glass can be considered more recognizable, as it often represents a nostalgic, historic character. It also complements older-styled brews and brands.

Top Tips for Effective Beer Packaging

Now that you have a list of beer packaging ideas, the next step is to determine how to make the most out of them. Here are some top tips you can follow.

1. Assess your competition

Like any other industry, there will always be competitors vying for the attention of the masses. You want to determine who your primary competitors are and see how they operate. This will give you an idea of what to capitalize on and what you can do to enhance your products. 

You can also directly ask a consumer about their opinion regarding specific brands. It will offer you some idea about your target audience’s preference and which design aspects to focus on.

2. Know your brand’s personality

It is essential to understand what your company is about. Branding and personality are essential factors to consider in packaging. Producing on-brand designs will help your target audience identify your business and the kind of products you sell. That same concept applies to the beer industry.

3. Create distinctive brand colors

Each beer brand has its own unique set of colors that represents them. You want to determine which colors best fit your company and which ones customers can easily associate with your products.

4. Consider sustainable packaging

Sustainability has become a prominent factor for many people when purchasing a product. Alternatives such as recyclable materials and plant-based packaging can be great applications that will help make your brand more environmentally friendly and unique.

5. Know your strengths

Aside from your brand personality, you must know the unique selling points of your product to help boost sales. 

An example is knowing what your beer goes well with or when is the perfect time to have one. Other industries indicate that their product is best consumed during summer, which is an aspect that can be emphasized in your packaging.

Creating Refreshing Beer Packaging

Beer packaging is mostly about understanding what makes your product unique and what makes your product and brand better than your competition. Packaging is the first product element customers will see, and if it does not resonate with what you offer, then this is something your business can work on. 

You want something that will catch the target audience’s attention among the many options displayed on the shelves. If you are looking for assistance with your business’ packaging, experts at Meyers are here to provide you with professional printing solutions. To learn more, visit the website today.