Benefits of Interactive Retail Displays

The 6 Benefits of Interactive Retail Displays for Brands

The retail industry felt the impact of COVID-19 as sales declined by 20% in 2020, mainly affecting clothing, accessories, and department stores. However, foot traffic in malls is now close to its pre-pandemic levels, making today the perfect time for businesses to reintroduce their brand to shoppers.

Since most consumers have acclimated to online shopping, it’s essential to have measures to bridge the gap between the offline and online settings. Apart from developing omnichannel strategies, another way retail companies can elevate their brands is by incorporating interactive retail displays.

How exactly can interactive displays help? Read on to know how these technologies can make your brand stand out in the new normal.

What Makes Retail Displays Interactive 

Retail displays are not particularly new, but advancements and changing consumer trends have paved the way for a new age of showcasing items in physical stores. The use of interactive retail displays is quickly becoming a popular retail display type, especially with technology being at the forefront of everything.

This retail merchandising strategy bridges gaps between online and offline shopping to leave consumers with a memorable and seamless buying experience. For example, fast food chains use kiosks for customers to place their orders and pay, similar to a food delivery app. Electronic stores also employ this strategy by letting customers try their products before purchase.

The interactivity of these displays adds to the appeal of the products. This strategy makes it ideal for featuring visually appealing items and promoting a full catalog based on seasonal demand. Interactive store displays allow you to attract customers to your products, setting your brand apart from the rest of the competition.

6 Benefits of Interactive Retail Displays in Your Store

1. Interactive retail displays enhance customer in-store experience

Educational displays are often invasive and dissuade customers from engaging with your products. Customers don’t want to read bulks of information about a product that doesn’t address their needs as it takes time away from shopping.

By using interactive displays, customers have control over their shopping time. It allows them to view promotional materials and items as they desire for a personalized shopping experience. You can support these displays with custom packaging that gives customers more in-depth insights, helping them make purchase decisions.

interactive retail displays and customer experience

2. Interactive retail displays optimize store space

Putting a bulk of your stocks for one item can take up too much space and limit the selections available in your store. You can eliminate this problem by using digital kiosks or dynamic displays.

Instead of constantly replenishing products on the shelves and consuming space for customer traffic, you can display one item at a time and let customers browse your collections using screens. Not only do you save room in your shop, but you also give customers a wider selection of items from your brand.

For businesses in the beauty and cosmetics industry, the interactive display can also show how the product will look to the buyer, even when combined with other items.

3. Interactive retail displays boost sales and conversion 

One study states that display screens can increase overall sales volume by 31.8% and a growth of 32.7% in repeat buyers. This increase may stem from personalized selections and attractive displays that entice different customers to test the product, whether they’re only window shopping or returning an item.

The readily-available product information can also save your employees’ time from searching and checking item availability, enabling you to focus more on customer satisfaction to increase sales and conversion. 

4. Interactive retail displays improve customer engagement 

Interactive retail displays are designed to grab customers’ attention. Your displays’ eye-catching designs are especially beneficial since 34% of customers are more likely to use their own digital displays, such as smartphones, while shopping in physical stores. This can redirect buyers’ preference to online stores, taking away the purpose of your physical shop.

With interactive displays, you can appeal to your customers’ curiosity, increasing overall engagement within your space. Besides display kiosks, turning your product packaging interactive can promote customer interaction and even lead to them being more committed to purchasing the item.

customer engagement from retail displays

5. Interactive retail displays allow for better brand recall

Static displays are a thing of the past as interactive digital signages are becoming popular. According to a study, these digital displays are 47.7% more effective for spreading brand awareness and 400% more capable of capturing views than static displays.

A lot of effort is required in your packaging design, but it may not be helpful if you can’t capture your audience’s attention. Incorporating an interactive element into your retail business can provide a unique experience and create a distinct brand story that can help you increase brand recognition in the market.

6. Interactive retail displays provide versatility for promotions

interactive retail displays for promotions

Your customers can get tired of viewing the same content repeatedly in your store. Interactive retail displays can solve this as you can change the layout of your active promotions to whatever you want, anytime. For example, you can adjust the catalogs or presentations of your interactive display screens depending on the season and messaging of your current marketing campaign.

Engage Your Customers with Interactive Retail Displays

The pandemic has adversely affected the retail industry. But with consumer traffic now returning to pre-pandemic levels, this is the best time to reintroduce your brand by providing the best in-store retail experience possible. Upgrading to interactive store displays can help attract new customers and retain old buyers, improving your overall business performance.

Partnering with experts in the field can help achieve this and get your brand ahead of the competitive retail industry. If you’re looking to employ interactive displays in your store, Meyers provides professional retail merchandising and display solutions to bring your ideas to life.

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