5 Candle Packaging Design Trends and Ideas to Boost Your Brand

In recent years, candle manufacturers have become more strategic in their retail product packaging. Several packaging design trends have emerged in an effort to appeal to candle buyers’ changing preferences.

The use of candles dates back to biblical times, when early versions were made of wicks attached to containers with flammable substances. While candles are still commonly used as a light source in the modern age, many candle lovers often associate them with fragrance and healing. To appeal to these emotional connections, many manufacturers have become more strategic in how they produce their candle packaging. 

While product packaging should provide protection to your products, it is also a way for you to market your brand’s message properly and attract new customers. Discover more about today’s latest packaging design trends and gain new ideas on how you can enhance your own brand’s candle packaging through this guide. 

5 Candle Packaging Design Trends

Candle making has become a large industry in many countries as its practical uses continue to expand. As such, it is important to look into different approaches to attracting your customers through your product packaging. Here are a few packaging design trends you should consider adopting into your strategy. 

  1. Sampler packs or candle bundles
candle packaging

Offering product samples can help your brand gain more reach and make your customers feel more confident about their purchase. Sample offering is also a strategic way to help customers try different products until they find one that satisfies them the most. 

  1. Natural-looking design

Applying a natural look to your packaging can present a rustic aura that can make your products seem more pure and simple. To achieve this look, choose earthy and warm tones for the best packaging colors for your candles.

  1. Subscription boxes

Subscription-based products can appeal to loyal customers as they present more opportunities to try different products at a set price. The concept of themed bundles and limited edition items also provide more value to your customers as these cannot be attained through regular means. 

  1. Personalized products

Customization plays a big role for many companies as consumers want to feel like a product is made for them and their needs. Adding these elements also gives your brand more leverage as it can be altered to fit many different styles and tastes at once. 

  1. Switch to sustainable materials 

Candle products in sustainable packaging have better chances of appealing to eco-conscious buyers. This range of packaging materials includes using recycled glass, wooden lids, recycled paperboard, and many other sustainable packaging materials. 

5 Ideas to Elevate Your Folding Carton Packaging Design

Product packaging is often designed to secure and protect your candles throughout the transit, shipping, and storage process. However, many modern companies also utilize this as a chance to deliver your brand’s message and allow your customers to identify you in the market easily. 

While many candles are often packaged in folding cartons, here are some ways to further improve your candle packaging.

  1. Design for custom-printed boxes and labels
candle packaging labels

Custom boxes allow your customers to easily identify and differentiate your line of products from one another without needing to smell, touch, or see the candle itself. To make your design more appealing, you may also use unique labels that can coincide with events and promotions. 

  1. Package candles in window boxes
candle packaging

Window boxes help present your products without necessarily needing to open the packaging. It can also help your customers become more confident with their decision as they can have a better idea of what they are getting from the beginning. 

  1. Consider rigid boxes or corrugated packaging
corrugated candle packaging

Rigid or corrugated boxes offer a layer of protection to your candles as they are shipped to local and international locations. You can also easily customize these materials as needed to help you show off your brand and increase consumer awareness.

  1. Offer seasonal and limited edition packaging

Consumers often love the idea of owning rare items that cannot easily be attained. As such, offering seasonal products can help improve your sales by presenting a sense of exclusivity to your customers. 

  1. Use gold elements

Introducing elements of gold into your packaging design can immediately add an aura of luxury to your products. It can also help your customers set the right mood as candles are often used to elevate an occasion’s atmosphere and make it more memorable.

Light Up The Market With Smart Packaging Solutions

Candles often provide a nice way to light up an evening or create a more relaxing atmosphere. But as these products continue to gain popularity, manufacturers must now find new ways to market their products effectively. Part of this approach can mean adopting different packaging solutions that can help make your brand stand out against other competitors. 

To stay relevant in the market, you will need to broaden your knowledge of the latest design trends and strategies. This will help you attract more customers who can help your brand grow. If you need more insights on how you can bring your product packaging to life, talk to the product packaging experts at Meyers Printing to discuss what your business needs.