New Meyers website offers increased interactivity, customization for retailers and brands

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (June 6, 2018) — Meyers is making it easier than ever for retailers to take control of their printing needs with the launch of the company’s updated website, The new site features SystemConnectTM, an innovative client management platform built to streamline the ordering process and help clients manage their printing needs.

“We are committed to collaborating with clients to explore what is possible in print and retail marketing. By featuring SystemConnect on our website, we hope to attract more clients looking for a solution for ordering print and other materials when they have hundreds or thousands of locations and decentralized purchasing,” said Mike Lane, CEO, Meyers. “Our proprietary platform allows clients to streamline and tailor print materials to create efficiencies in their marketing and operational efforts.”

SystemConnect is part of Meyers’ overall commitment to working with clients to innovate and create solutions tailored to their specific requirements. The platform is highly customizable and built to help clients manage inventory, reduce costs, and provide transparency throughout the organization for unit-level purchases.

Each iteration of SystemConnect is created specifically for the client that uses it, complete with custom branding and workflows. The platform helps companies with a widespread footprint maintain consistency of layouts while fulfilling the need for signage and other materials at individual locations. Customizable templates allow users to create materials specific to the needs of each location, whether that be pricing information or other location-based requirements. The platform can also track inventory levels and alert team members when levels run low.

“With locations across the country having a variety of signage and marketing material needs, along with a wide range of products and price points, managing our inventory has historically been a challenge. SystemConnect makes it simple for us to manage inventory, track the materials, and make smart decisions around future inventory needs.” said Emily Haskell, senior director of brand management at Sodexo. “It saves us time and money, simplifies the ordering process, and allows us to realize the advantages of just-in-time delivery.”

According to Lane, print-on-demand features mean clients can customize orders and have the finished product in hand quickly, often in as little as 48 hours.

“Meyers built SystemConnect to give clients more control over and direct access to templates they can customize with the information they need to create and submit orders on their own,” said Lane.

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