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Top 5 Innovative Packaging and Labeling Trends for 2021

When looking to build the best packaging or custom labels for your products, observing industry trends is necessary. This is especially helpful whether you are an up-and-coming brand, are launching a new product, or want to undergo rebranding. 

Knowing packaging and labeling trends will help you improve your product branding to please your customers, and a high customer satisfaction rate is vital to any business. Great product packaging delights and charms consumers, helping you achieve key goals like increasing repeat purchases. 

Trends reflect what your customers are currently enjoying, so jumping on the bandwagon could be a great move to up your game. Here are the top five innovative packaging and labeling trends for 2021.

1. Eco-friendly packaging takes the spotlight

The world is rapidly changing through modernization. While it’s a good indicator of progress, it also contributes to pollution. The resulting environmental crisis has led to loud calls for sustainability.  

Sustainability is and will always be a collective concern—it’s not just a trend that will soon pass. It’s quickly becoming a requirement for many consumers who prefer eco-friendly packaging and labeling from their favorite brands. 

Using recyclable or biodegradable packaging and labels can be an important part of being an eco-friendly business. When done right, your company’s efforts to produce goods with little impact on the environment will positively influence your consumers’ purchasing decisions. Reducing or eliminating single-use plastics is a great step. Whatever you do, be sure to note it on your labels or packaging. Letting consumers know about your eco-friendly initiatives, including sustainable packaging, is sure to boost sales.

2. Paper product labels add a premium touch 

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Paper product labels are often more attractive to consumers. This is in line with their strong preference for sustainable materials. Paper-based packages and labels also provide a neutral canvas, which could be combined with catchy color combinations for a trendy design. 

In contrast to black-and-white color palettes and bold fonts, more new industries lean more towards adding earth tones into their product packaging and labels. The emphasis on earth tones and neutral colors provides warmth, which is inviting for consumers. 

Some shoppers base their purchasing decisions on design aesthetics and texture—the roughness of paper contributes to the premium feel of a product. 

3. Interactive and smart labels/packaging 

Technology has been a massive influence on people’s lifestyles. Product labels and packaging are no exception to this fact. Consumers also look for technology integration in product labels and packaging. 

The development of smart labels gives an interactive touch to your packaging. QR codes that direct them to sites that explain product details enhance their buying experience. From there, your website can provide a comprehensive guide to the particulars of your brand’s offers and products. Plus, frequent visits to your site will help you track and collect consumer data and aid in improving your brand reputation. 

4. Luxury packaging design

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Consumers often associate the product with the packaging, so when product packaging looks premium and luxurious, consumers will associate this feeling with the product. 

In a supermarket, products are placed on shelves for easy access while giving consumers a good visual of their options. With the vast array of other brands on display, your product will have to catch the eyes of consumers first.

The inclusion of ornate details onto the packaging like gold foils, matte textures, and embossed labels can entice and attract buyers.  These luxurious finishes are about more than aesthetics, they also help communicate that your brand holds your customers in high regard. 

5. Transparency improves consumer trust

Along with the constant flow of product offers are the occasional instances of false advertising. These tend to get a lot of attention and leave a lasting impression. Because of this, consumers are now careful of their purchasing decisions. Hence, they value transparency in businesses. 

Transparent labels are an important part of running an honest business. These labels should provide succinct descriptions of the product, its ingredients, and even where it’s sourced or how they’re made. This practice provides the transparency that consumers look for when choosing a brand. At the same time, it showcases the business’s integrity and ethics in providing quality products. 

Gaining consumer trust is an essential part of strengthening brand-buyer relationships. Hence, transparency in labels can be beneficial in the improvement of customer loyalty. 

The Outside Should Be as Good as the Inside 

Packaging, labeling, and knowing what consumers want are vital for the growth of your brand. When combined, you can develop a packaging and labeling design that’s hard for customers to resist. Pay attention to these innovative packaging and labeling trends in 2021 as these can be a huge factor in boosting your sales. 

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