Printing’s past remains its future

Lithography has a long and storied history in the print industry. A process that originated with wax and limestone presses reproducing theatrical works has grown into the backbone of modern printing. And while there are more options now than ever, litho remains a vital solution.

There are reasons for that. For one thing, modern lithographic equipment is a far cry from those early presses. They can print ultra-sharp images on hundreds of surfaces. Ultraviolet-curable inks allow for instant drying and higher gloss levels. And presses can print as many as 20,000 sheets per hour.

Lithographic presses are faster and more economical than other options, and they offer flexibility that other presses simply can’t match.

At Meyers, we’re optimistic about the future of litho. Christopher Dillon, Meyers vice president of operations, RMS, wrote more about why recently for Printing Impressions