Sustainable Alternatives to Holiday Wrapping Paper

11 Sustainable Alternatives to Holiday Wrapping Paper

When it comes to giving gifts, how you cover the present can significantly make unwrapping an experience on its own, no matter what’s inside. Psychologically, using appealing colors and certain packaging designs can boost the recipients’ mood and get them thrilled to open the presents.

This can often be done by using colorful holiday wrapping paper, creative decorations, snippets, and other eye-catching designs. Unfortunately, these beautifully made wrapping papers have a major downside: they may not be considered recyclable packaging. 

Most conventional wrapping paper you find at your local store are made using plastic film, which is rarely considered sustainable Christmas wrapping. These are likely to end up in landfills, as recyclers have a difficult time separating the fibers from the paper-plastic composite.

Furthermore, Americans who celebrate the winter holiday estimate they average 43% more waste during the festive season. This is about 29 pounds of trash per week—the biggest contributor being wrapping paper.

While conventional holiday wrapping paper may be more traditional, it can be detrimental to the environment. Thus, it is important to look for eco-friendly alternatives, which can be better when recycling for the planet.

Other types of sustainable wrapping paper, such as flexible packaging, can be considerably lighter on your budget. Sustainable options prove to be an incredibly beneficial alternative when wrapping presents this holiday season. 

11 Types of Sustainable Holiday Wrapping that are Safe to Switch To

With the world growing more conscious about the environment, there is now an abundance of sustainable alternatives you can use to wrap your gifts during the holidays. Learn how individual consumers can make sustainable packaging with these materials. 

1. Fabric

fabric holiday wrapping paper

Using fabrics to wrap your presents can add a nice, personal touch to your overall presentation. Look out for decorative pieces with attractive prints and colors you and the receiver can repurpose for other projects, such as sewing. Fabric as gift wraps can also double as an added layer of protection for your gift.

2. Magazines, Maps, and Newspapers

Instead of throwing out old magazines and papers around the house, recycle them into wrapping material for your holiday presents. Newspapers, comic books, and colorful magazine pages can be a nice decorative touch that can keep the recipient guessing what might be inside. It is also one of the best ways to reduce the waste you create during this season.

newspaper holiday wrapping paper

3. Recycled or Repurposed Paper Bags

Many brands and shops use colorful bag designs for their products, especially during the holiday season. Fortunately, you can repurpose most of these as a gift bag. You can also spruce up the packaging by decorating it with other materials such as previously used ribbons.

4. Kraft Paper

kraft wrapping paper for holidays

Kraft paper is easy to find and considerably inexpensive compared to traditional holiday wrapping paper. This material is 100% sustainable as it is made from natural biodegradable substances such as wood pulp. They also come in various colors to make your gift wrapping process more enjoyable.

5. Aluminum Jars and Tins

holiday aluminum tins

Aluminum tins and jars can be a safe way to store perishable presents without worrying about how you can maintain their quality. Once the recipient consumes the goods inside, they can recycle the containers as additional storage for other goods.

6. Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes come in different shapes, colors, and sizes—perfect for wrapping holiday presents. Apart from the decorative boxes you can find at your local store, you can also use old cartons from your previous purchases and repurpose them as wrapping. 

7. Glass jars

Decorative glass jars can elevate your simple presents while looking for sustainable packaging alternatives. They are also easy to find in most stores and are considered more sustainable than plastic containers. 

8. Scarves

scarves holiday gift wrapping

Scarves are another great way to wrap your small presents during a holiday. Not only can the cloth help cushion your gift, but the scarf can also serve as a second present. 

9. Woven baskets

Woven baskets are generally made from renewable materials, making them an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gift wrap. Selecting this material is a common choice if you want to give away gift baskets for the holidays.

woven basket holiday gift wrapping

10. Mugs

mugs for holiday gift wrapping

Consider using decorative mugs to wrap small presents. Fill up your mug with small goodies and seal it with an eco-friendly mesh fabric and ribbon. This type of wrapping can be a great way to hand out small presents during holiday gatherings and events. 

11. Cloth pouches or bags

Cloth pouches can be made in several shapes and sizes that best suit your needs. You can also find cloth pouches or bags using eco-friendly materials, which you and the receiver can repurpose for other uses. 

Wrap Up the Year with Sustainable Packaging

How you present your gifts can trigger how the receiver feels about what is inside. Because of this, it is often considered important to mind how you wrap your presents during the holidays. But rather than using traditional forms of wrapping that can harm the environment, choose sustainable packaging instead. 

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