Best Sustainable Beauty Packaging Solutions

8 Best Sustainable Beauty Packaging Solutions

Over the last few years, the beauty industry has faced a lot of criticism regarding how they produce and handle their products. Recently, more pressure has been on companies to become more environmentally conscious. This includes shifting their processes and giving more consideration to the types of ingredients they use and how they handle their manufacturing processes. 

Making the shift to a completely eco-friendly production can be overwhelming for many companies. But to make the process easier, many find that switching out your product packaging strategies can act as a good starting point. Choosing sustainable packaging can be a beneficial move for both your company and your customers for many reasons. 

To help you reduce your environmental footprint, this article will act as your guide to an eco-friendly approach to packaging your beauty products. This will include information on notable sustainable packaging solutions and different materials that you can use with no harmful effects on the environment. 

8 Sustainable Beauty Packaging Materials to Switch To

Sustainable packaging can be made with all types of materials to help reduce the environmental impact of product waste. Depending on what you need to store your products safely, some materials can be more beneficial than others. Take a look at what these alternative packaging solutions are. 

1. Post-consumer packaging

Also known as Post-consumer Recycled (PCR) packaging, this method uses recycled items such as cardboard boxes, folding cartons, plastic bottles, paper, aluminum, and other daily materials. Once enough elements are collected, they are taken to a recycling facility where they are sorted and made into bale. The bale is then used to mold new items into the desired shape and sizes.

ulta beauty packaging

Beauty retailer Ulta Beauty has pledged that by 2025, 50% of assortment packaging sold will be made from recycled or bio-sourced materials, or will be recyclable or refillable. This is in line with their sustainable packaging pillar, ensuring that Ulta Beauty packaging provides guests greater, positive choices and transparency.

2. Bamboo packaging

Bamboo wood is often used to make cosmetic jars where it is lined with an acrylic or glass coating placed inside. Different types of bamboo are normally cultivated to give your products more durability and variety. The packaging design can also easily be branded through various printing methods such as hot stamping, laser engraving, and carving, among others. 

3. Paper packaging

Paper packaging is one of the most common alternatives to plastic packaging as they are both biodegradable and renewable materials. They can be made to cater to any custom packaging design that can help protect your products throughout their shelf life. Customers also gain the benefits of recycling the material themselves and repurposing it for other uses later on.

4. Refillable packaging

Using refillable containers and packaging can help reduce the amount of plastic waste you produce. These materials are often made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) plastics which gives out a tough yet flexible hold on the products you place inside. Once you are finished using the packaging, they can also be recycled and remade into other items. 

5. Cornstarch packaging

Sustainable materials often include organic substances that are biodegradable and easy to recycle. Cornstarch packaging is made using polylactic acid (PLA) and fermenting the plant sugar and starch. It is also one of the cheapest materials you can use to package your products since supplies are abundant and readily available. 

6. Glass packaging

Glass packaging is often considered a better alternative to plastic materials because there are no chemical interactions between the product and the container. Recycled glass also uses less manufacturing energy to help you save on production costs. This makes it the more favorable choice for cosmetics packaging like creams, paste, and other liquids. 

7. Aluminum packaging

Aluminum packaging provides your products more protection against light, scents, and moisture since the containers can be air-tight and resist major temperature changes. This can help extend the product’s shelf life until it is ready to be used. It is flexible enough to mold into any desired shape or form, compatible with most cosmetics and beauty products. 

8. Beeswax packaging

Beeswax packaging uses a mixture of jojoba, beeswax, and select oils fused with fabrics like cotton to create a light coating. These materials are typically used as a protective layer for your products and act as an alternative to plastic packaging. Other benefits include wide customization with the packaging and its anti-bacterial elements. 

It’s All in the Bag

The beauty industry has faced many criticisms regarding how they handle their products and packaging. There is more pressure placed on these businesses to switch over to eco-friendly alternatives that can help reduce product waste and its harmful effects on the environment. One of these solutions involves adopting sustainable packaging practices that support the clean beauty movement. 

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