MPS hybrid flexo label press

The future is hybrid

Printers are used to making trade-offs when deciding what press to use for a job. Digital presses offer short make-ready times and offer flexibility for custom or short-run jobs. Flexographic presses take longer to set up, but are more efficient for long-run jobs and can create high-end decorative details not yet possible with digital.

Hybrid presses offer the best aspects of both digital and flexo in a single unit. Now that Meyers added an MPS EF Symjet Powered by Domino in our collection of presses, we’ve found there are significant benefits to hybrid technology. Hybrid has opened doors to jobs that just weren’t possible before, and the possibilities are exciting.

Dave McConnon, Meyers vice president of operations, label and card wrote more about hybrid presses and their role in the future of flexographic printing for a recent issue of Label and Narrow Web. Take a look.