When experience is key, get the little things right

Details matter. When Hormel asked Meyers to produce packaging for CUREMASTER RESERVE®, a new line of premium hams available exclusively online, they had a specific vision. They wanted something that had a premium feel, and that would make the product feel special from the moment the package arrived.

For Meyers, creating that high-end experience that meant getting the little things right. It meant finding a paper stock that looked and felt like butcher paper. It meant printing a synthetic wrap with a similar look. And it meant making grommets out of paper instead of metal.

Each of those steps added complexity to the job, but they were necessary to create the experience Hormel was looking for in the finished product.

“This is a premium product, and Hormel wanted that to come through in every detail of the packaging,” Lee Lund, sales executive, Label & Card, said in a recent interview with Packaging World. “This is a true collaboration focused on giving customers a premium experience at every step of the process.”

At Meyers, we take those extra steps because we enjoy collaborating with our clients to produce the results they want. We do it because details matter.

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