RFID Labeling Solutions

Custom RFID Labels for Every Need

Looking for custom RFID tags tailored to your unique requirements? At Meyers, we specialize in advanced RFID solutions that meet retailer requirements across various industries. Our RFID labels help simplify inventory management, ensure compliance, and enhance operational efficiency. 

Custom RFID Tags to Boost Your Efficiency

As leading RFID label manufacturers, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. Our experts collaborate with you to develop custom RFID solutions that enhance your operations through accurate tracking and data collection.  

With in-house manufacturing, data management, and RFID tag integration, our RFID labels are embedded with advanced technology to ensure optimal performance.

Discover how our solutions can transform your operations and drive success. 

Benefits of Our RFID Labels

Brand Friendly

With our in-house RFID labels, you won’t have to compromise your branding with unsightly tags or complicate your supply chain with additional steps.  Meyers’ custom RFID solutions require no design changes, ensuring your products look great and meet all functional requirements.


Meyers offers affordable RFID labeling solutions directly from the manufacturer, ensuring efficiency and quick turnaround times. We handle all the details reducing your workload, and saving you time and resources.

Proven & Trusted

For two decades, global brands like Goodyear have trusted our proven custom RFID tags to meet retailer compliance while maintaining their brand standards.

Meeting the Walmart RFID Mandate with Meyers 

Benefits of Our RFID Solutions

accurate tracking

Accurate Tracking
Our RFID solutions provide precise tracking of assets, ensuring compliance with the Walmart mandate.

Improved Visibility
Enhance your supply chain visibility with our RFID labeling technology, making it easier to manage and track inventory.

Cost Efficiency
RFID technology automates inventory tracking, reduces errors, lowers costs, and optimizes stock levels, preventing overstocking and stock-outs.

Seamless Integration
Our custom RFID tags are designed for easy integration into Walmart’s systems, ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing compliance.

Meyers RFID Labels vs the Competition



Other Printing Companies

In-house expertise and control with embedded RFID tags

Use external suppliers

More cost-effective internal processes

Higher costs with outsourcing

Preserves packaging design without external tags

External tags that ruin shelf appeal

Full compliance support for retailer mandates

Limited support

Comprehensive technical support from start to finish

Limited support

Custom RFID solutions for diverse packaging needs

Limited support

Emphasis on sustainable and innovative packaging solutions

Secondary focus

Meyers RFID Capabilities

RFID Products

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Folding Cartons

Corrugated Packaging

RFID Services

Encoding & Data Management

Materials Selection & Construction Engineering

Die Cutting

RFID Labels for Key Industries

As a trusted partner in the industry, we have solidified our position through a deep understanding of RFID technology and its applications. Meyers has a proven track record of success in these industries.

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Sporting Goods

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RFID labels are smart labels embedded with an RFID tag that uses radio frequency technology for identification and tracking. They enhance inventory accuracy, improve supply chain efficiency, and provide better security for your products.

Meyers provides end-to-end support for RFID implementation, from label design and production to integration and compliance with industry standards. We work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition to RFID technology, tailored to your specific needs.

Yes, At Meyers, we possess the expertise and capabilities to create custom and embedded RFID solutions that align with the requirements of the Walmart mandate. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of RFID technology.

We are committed to assisting you in designing manufacturing processes and providing support as you finalize or update your custom or embedded RFID labels. If required, our team is available to visit your manufacturing facilities to gain a comprehensive understanding of your specific processes. Furthermore, our account management, quality control, and client success teams are dedicated to delivering exceptional support and ensuring your satisfaction throughout the entire engagement.

No, with Meyers as your RFID partner, we ensure the RFID tag is seamlessly embedded within your branded label or folding carton packaging. This integration keeps the RFID tag hidden, preserving your product’s shelf appeal.

These leading brands trust Meyers as their RFID label printer.

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