Custom Candy Packaging Design

11 Eye-Candy Design Ideas for Custom Candy Packaging

Candy, chocolates, and sweet foods are common parts of the modern western diet. In Germany, about 61% say they consume sweets and chocolate regularly. In the United States, the annual consumption of candy by the average American is estimated at 8 pounds (3.7 kilograms), with children consuming much more.

If you’re looking to start a snack or desert food business or you’re looking for ways to improve your candy brand, then upgrading your packaging design is one way to attract potential customers. While it’s true that keeping the same design establishes your branding, keeping up with your competitors will entail a more unique and eye-catching twist to your current candy packaging.

Here are some eye-candy packaging design ideas and appropriate packaging solutions for your sweet business.

11 Best Candy Packaging Design Ideas

Attractive product packaging can greatly affect a brand’s success. Whether selling delectable candies or desert foods, customizing your product packaging with compelling graphics and messaging can increase your sales. Apart from enjoying a delicious treat, candy lovers desire appealing packaging that helps them remember your brand. Here are 11 top candy packaging ideas to boost your brand.

1. Portable packaging

portable candy packaging
Image Source: Package Inspiration

Consumers want convenience so products must be packaged for portability for easier consumption. Brand managers and packaging engineers strive to ensure their candy packaging is sturdy enough to hold the food inside for prolonged periods of shipping and storage. Consumers can then throw away or recycle the package before purchasing another.

2. Pouch packaging

candy pouch packaging

When opting for flexible packaging, consider selling your food products in pouches. Pouch packaging is a simple, lightweight, and reasonably priced product packaging design. The design allows quick access to the candy, allows for the candy bag to stand on its own, and some includes resealable ends. Other designs to consider are flat, pillow-shaped, or vacuum-sealed for freshness.

3. Custom-printed candy wrapper

custom candy wrapper

One of the most effective techniques to stand out on shelves and to showcase your brand is to use a custom-printed candy wrapper and custom product labels. The color of your custom candy wrapper can influence your brand’s personality. Customized and versioned packaging designs are also ideal for seasonal packaging, regionalized marketing campaigns, and special retail promotions

Cheerful candy brands may decorate packaging in vibrant colors. This type of packaging is ideal for giveaways in important occasions such as birthdays, parties, weddings, and more. Alternatively, darker hues would better suit the packaging for a more sophisticated look.

4. Candy trays

candy tray packaging

Generally speaking, people are visual creatures. Consider letting your consumers see the inside of the package. Candy trays are an excellent choice for retail candy sales. They have a clear top, a colorful tray, and come in various sizes. 

If your design won’t be directly printed on the tray, you may also add branding and messaging using a printed paper sleeve. These candy packaging suggestions are excellent for marketing greater quantities and standing out from typical packaging.

5. Festive, holiday-themed trays

halloween candy packaging

Some of the designs that best draw in customers are those that are seasonally festive. Consumers love purchasing goods with patterns and printing associated with significant holidays. These creative food packaging ideas thrill people because the design may feature the distinctive red and green of Christmas, the gold and silver of New Year, or the spooky yet vibrant colors of Halloween. This eye-catching concept may boost brand recognition. 

6. Humorous packaging ideas

funny candy packaging

Humorous packaging can help distinguish your candy brand from your competition. Humor may not always work with marketing and advertising, but it can produce standout marketing strategies when executed correctly. It’s critical to  use the perfectly appropriate humor to appeal to your audience.

Make your candy packaging fun by using color and graphical design. Perhaps you can use sturdy boxes with emojis covering the front or plastic bags with neon strings. Maybe also try adding fun puns and slogans about your product to entice consumers to purchase your sweets.

7. Metal tins

metal tin candy packaging

Using a reusable container is a clever packaging and marketing strategy. Not only is it distinctive, but it also acts as a constant billboard for your company. After use, some people store other items in the product tin so your brand remains visable. You can use a chic tin box, tote, or tiny basket for packaging your sweets. 

8. Silver or gold packaging

silver foil candy packaging

Using silver or gold foil outside a candy package is a smart and original packaging concept. It gives the candy wrapper a beautiful appearance. It also makes for the perfect gift for a specific occasion, such as a wedding, a baby shower, graduation, a birthday celebration, and other noteworthy events. Chocolate-covered candy would be good to pair with this kind of packaging.

9. Cardboard packaging

cardboard chocolate candy packaging

Candy packaging is a great complement to your marketing efforts. If you want to make your products seem valuable, try to employ distinctive cardboard candy packaging. This clean and minimalist packaging design is an ideal method to display your candy creations. You can easily customize it with your logo or design.

10. Flavor stamps

Adding flavor stamps to your candy packaging is a special technique to intrigue your customers about the product and try the actual goods. Flavor stamps are creative labels that indicate the candy’s flavor. The customer’s excitement of opening a package with their favorite flavor will elevate the unboxing experience. 

If you want to try this idea out, it’s best to print vibrant, eye-catching colors to improve the packaging’s appeal and quality, leaving a favorable impression on customers.

11. Luxurious packaging

luxury candy packaging

Many consumers are constantly on the lookout for luxurious candies or chocolates. If you’re planning on incorporating a sophisticated packaging design for your sweets, give them an elegant appearance. Try stamping and embossing them with a bold and playful typeface to give the design a richer feel.

The Sweet Deal with Packaging

Finding effective packaging designs and product labels takes time. Apart from protecting your products, effective packaging design plays an important part in the marketing strategy of your brand. Hence, creating and manufacturing a sturdy yet appealing design is important in the overall quality and image of your business.

Creating customized candy packaging for every occasion or festivity will boost your business in the market. Candy packaging designs and how you display your candy will communicate your brand’s values. The more creative your design, the better it is for people to enjoy them. 

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