Folding Carton Packaging Trends and Design Tips

Elevate Your Packaging: Folding Carton Trends & Design Tips

Product packaging influences customer perception—and in selling, perception is everything. Your chosen packaging will play a significant part in your brand’s message and how successful it will be.

Folding carton packaging is an aesthetically pleasing yet sustainable option for lightweight products, from cosmetics and fragrances to candles and food. Folding cartons can be fully customized inside and out, giving you the creative freedom to express your brand’s personality and identity. 

Your folding carton design can influence customer purchasing decisions more than you may realize. If your brand is looking to maximize folding cartons, this article will give you a rundown on the latest trends, best design ideas, and tips to make your products stand out.

Factors such as new technologies and changing consumer demands contribute to the ever-evolving trends of folding carton design. Learning from the latest trends will guide you on today’s best applications of folding carton designs. 

1. Added security with anti-counterfeit measures

According to the FBI’s intellectual property rights unit, counterfeit goods cost the U.S. economy about $600 billion per year. Companies are taking a considerable initiative to reduce this number by using more secure packaging solutions

Overt authentication solutions such as color-shifting inks and tamper-evident labels allow buyers and sellers to verify whether the package was opened once before. Meanwhile, UV and infrared light-reaction inks are used to verify product authenticity and provide traceability. This adds another layer of security to avoid counterfeits.

2. Use of more sustainable materials 

Companies are responding to the increasing consumer demand for sustainability by utilizing more environmentally-friendly materials in their packaging.

Non-wood pulp materials, along with cocoa beans, edamame beans, and hazelnuts, are commonly used by manufacturers to replace traditional materials. Plastics are still in use for the time being, and companies are shifting to recycled plastics, such as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). 

3. Greater focus on food safety  

With how hygiene is becoming a megatrend due to the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturers are addressing food safety concerns through improved packaging design and production. Food experts and manufacturers are now more vigilant in their food packaging process, ensuring that no cross-contamination occurs during ink coating. 

4. Smarter packaging 

Companies are taking advantage of technological innovations by incorporating them into their packaging design. Beverage companies, for instance, have adopted augmented reality (AR), providing consumers with a more immersive brand experience by simply scanning the image or label on the package. 

smart beer packaging
Image Source: Beverage Dynamics

5. Use of higher-grade materials

Luxurious products call for elegant packaging. Companies now use higher-grade carton board material for their higher-end products such as desserts, cosmetics, and premium alcohol. 

The ideal carton boards will depend on how the packaging is graphically designed. Companies use more powerful printing techniques such as gravure, embossing, and flourishing with holographic films. These printing techniques are achievable through sustainable materials such as virgin fibers.

5 Ideas to Elevate Your Folding Carton Packaging Design

A study found that both the aesthetics and functionality of packaging can affect a brand’s value. To maximize your folding carton design, below are a few tips you can consider. 

1. Use colors that reflect your brand

Colors carry unique meanings, which you can use to convey your brand’s messaging and personality further. 

Using the right colors can encourage your prospects to buy your products. A study found that packaging color can support a consumer’s decision to purchase a product. Another study showed that 85% of buyers say color is their main reason for purchasing a particular item. 

The best packaging colors resonate with your buyers, align with your branding, and appeal to emotions.

brand colors on folding carton packaging

2. Enhance your packaging typography 

The text on your product packaging matters—both the copy and its appearance. Try out different font styles, weights, and sizes. 

Whenever possible, it’s ideal to utilize only one to two typefaces when designing your packaging typography. The limited variation avoids visual conflict, making the text more appealing. Experiment with different font combinations to see which fits your brand the best. 

3. Try different packaging shapes

Folding carton designs shouldn’t be limited to rectangular forms. If you sell honey, for example, you can use a hexagonal shape to emulate the look of a honeycomb. Explore different shapes such as hexagons, trapezoids, and prisms to make your products stand out even more. 

4. Use sustainable materials

If your brand has been using non-biodegradable materials for packaging, it might be time to pivot to more sustainable solutions. Select recycled packaging materials for your boxes, containers, mailers, and folding cartons. These can sustainably extend the longevity of previously used items. 

Two of the most common recycled materials you can utilize are unbleached paperboard and kraft paper. Plant-based materials can also help protect the quality of packaged goods, especially food products. 

5. Incorporate packaging into your marketing 

The packaging is more than just what holds your products. It can also be an extension of your brand’s marketing efforts. Include your brand hashtags and social media handles on your packaging design to encourage your buyers to share their purchases online. 

The unboxing experience is another way to encourage customers to post about your product online. A study suggested that unboxing videos aid viewers’ in their purchasing decisions, emphasizing the need to include packaging into your marketing efforts. 

Focus on the details in your folding cartons, such as the design on the inside lining, to create a package consumers would want to post about.

packaging marketing

Unfold Your Best Packaging Design

Your brand’s packaging plays a significant role in consumer perception. The latest trends in folding carton design give you a glimpse of what people look for and what other brands provide—sustainable packaging, integrating technology, and brand consistency, to name a few.

Consider working with packaging experts to elevate your folding carton designs. Collaborating with experts can be an excellent way to bring your packaging to life. Contact Meyers Printing for professional printing solutions to address your business’ folding carton needs.