Need to build trust? Just keep paddling

I want to talk for a minute about trust. Trust and ducks. I swear it will all make sense.

Trust is essential for a business like Meyers. If clients don’t trust us to deliver innovative products, and to get work done accurately, on schedule, and on budget, then they won’t be clients for long. And where there is trust, there is business.

Here’s an example: A major national retailer recently came to Meyers with a job that’s approximately 10 times bigger than any project we’ve done for them before. It’s big enough that we’ll rent additional warehouse space to accommodate it. It’s a huge project for them, and for us. And when we asked why they chose Meyers, they said it’s because they trust us.

Building that trust is a team effort, from the sales team that works with the client to designers who turn client ideas into concrete products, to the press operators and kitting teams who get the job printed and out the door. Our work at Meyers can be massively complex, and it’s a credit to everyone involved that it continues to run smoothly.

This is where the ducks come in. Watch them from above the surface, and ducks glide smoothly on the water. Dip below the surface, and you’ll see them paddling furiously to get where they’re going.

That sub-surface paddling is like everyday operations at Meyers. We work hard, but it’s our job to make it all look easy. To make sure clients only see the gliding duck. If we can do that, we can build trust. And trust is good for business.