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The Meyers Blog, Rebooted

It’s called the “First Moment of Truth” – when a shopper encounters a product and decides whether to buy it, go with a competitor, or forgo the purchase altogether. This moment, according to marketing experts, lasts between three and seven seconds, and occurs on store shelves all over the world.

It’s a very short window of opportunity that brand owners have to make or break a sale, and in the process potentially acquire a new, soon-to-be loyal customer. And while the product itself, be it a food, beverage, health & beauty product, electronics – virtually anything – is of course of the utmost importance, potential first-time buyers have nothing but the label and package to look at that’s influencing their decision in that First Moment of Truth.

This is why we’re here. Meyers is in business to help brand owners meet this First Moment of Truth challenge. The retail environment is more competitive than ever – both in brick and mortar stores as well as online – thus amplifying the significance of meeting the moment.

At Meyers, we strive to create labels, packaging, retail displays and paper cards that drive sales. And in doing so, we take a uniquely collaborative approach. Our customers are our partners. We’re vested in helping you achieve your goals – not only through profits and sales, but also through creating packaging that ticks several other important boxes.

At Meyers, collaboration, excellence, high quality, and sustainability are not marketing buzzwords – they are embedded in our company culture and fuel the way we do business. These values also extend to our customer service, where we’re not just working with customers, but partners.

Printing is so much more than putting ink on paper. And here – in this space – we aim to educate, inform and when possible entertain our current and future partners.

Our loyal, astute readers will note the Meyers blog went on a bit of a hiatus in 2020, not unlike the rest of the world. One of the pandemic’s silver linings is that we – like many of you, both personally and professionally – are rebooting aspects of your lives and businesses, and that’s what we aim to do in the new Meyers blog.

To our new readers, welcome aboard – we so much appreciate the opportunity to work with you and answer any questions you may have. About labels, about packaging, about point-of-purchase displays, about other forms of printing– about anything!

Returning loyal readers and customers, many thanks for being here and for continuing to trust Meyers with your brand.

There’s so much to learn about packaging, merchandising and environmental sustainability. Our team has decades of experience and lessons learned covering each of those topics, which we’d like to share with all of you. We’d also like to bring you along our journey as we continue striving to be the best community members and business partners we can be.

We aim to share insights into the most impactful nuances of print the world. For example, a label is not just any printed piece of sticky paper or film, and there are many different types of labels to choose from. Pressure sensitive, wet-glue applied, in-mold labels, linerless labels, shrink sleeve labels – these are just some of the broad label categories that exist, and among these are various sectors with differing requirements and characteristics. These include security labels, special effects labels, industrial labels, prime labels, variable data labels and so much more. Understanding which of those labels are best suited to specific applications will help you, our readers, become even better print buyers. The same can be said for folding carton packaging, DLC and gift cards, retail displays and all the other printed products we create for our clients.

Then there are the myriad end-use label sectors – food & beverage, health, beauty & cosmetics, sporting goods – you name it. If you can think of a product, there is a need for attractive, informative, high-performing printing. We’ll be sharing trends and best practices from each of those sectors so you’re equipped to keep your brand in a leading position.

Above all, we want your product to stand out among the competition, regardless of the type of packaging, label or card that best suits your application. To achieve this goal, it’s important to explore every option when it comes to print manufacturing, such as substrates (materials like paper, film and foil), inks and coatings, adhesives, diecuts (what gives packages, labels and cards their shape), special effects, and even the printing processes used. (digital printing is really big right now!)

In the coming months, we’ll address some of the aforementioned topics and other pressing and important issues. We’ll share with you best practice, the latest trends, printing technology innovation, how we can help to reduce your brand’s environmental footprint and more.

These are indeed some strange times, but here at Meyers, we are striving to do our part in being a supplier partner that you can count on and trust. Oh, and if there is a topic you’d like us to cover or have any questions about, please reach out and let us know!