The Elements of Effective Product Labels: Design Tips and Trends

Product labels play a significant role in marketing and selling various products. Labels are consumers’ primary sources of helpful information, making it essential to craft their designs carefully. According to a study, 59% of U.S. consumers read packaged food labels before buying them for the first time.

The significance of product labels drives companies to consider the factors that make them effective. If you want to learn more about packaging labels, this article will discuss the trends and how to create them effectively through various product design tips.

Important Product Label Design Tips to Keep in Mind

The product label market remains competitive, with businesses looking to create labels that stand out. Consider the following tips in your product label production to gain an advantage over your competitors.

  1. Prioritize readability

A product label contains essential information customers should know about their purchase, such as product name, quantity, brand logo, and company. Thus, labels must be readable. Ensure that the text is legible enough for consumers to read from a distance, even on your on pack coupons.

Coffee Label
  1. Pick a typography pairing

Since product labels have limited space to incorporate content, designers create visual contrast by typographic pairing. Choosing the right typographic pairing for your product label design can elevate its overall aesthetic impact. The typography you use can also help consumers easily identify specific parts of a label.

  1. Incorporate visual elements

Product packaging may seem bare without visual elements, making images or illustrations crucial in a label. The visual component of your packaging helps when you want to speak more about your product without overwhelming your target market with information.

The illustration or image must also fit the nature of the product to convey its message and tone accordingly.

Fruit Juice Labels
  1. Design for white space

White space impacts label legibility, but if misused, it can negatively affect the design. Label makers leave room for white space as it creates a visual distinction between different information to help the consumer read the details more easily.

Make sure to allocate ample space between each design element in your product label so customers can focus on one aspect at a time.

  1. Choose the right combination of fonts

Font for product labels is also vital. The right fonts add dimension to the overall aesthetic of the design and can get consumers’ attention to encourage them to purchase.

During the design process, it’s best to experiment with different combinations to identify which fonts fit and represent a particular product. Other things to consider are font thickness and style.

Whiskey Bottle Labels
  1. Print Quality

The custom packaging design process does not end once you’ve incorporated all the elements to make them stand out as a piece. Next comes ensuring that the print quality is on par with your product design. Enhancing the product’s overall presence increases the chances of making an excellent first impression with customers.

To accomplish this, do extensive research and partner with professional product label makers to identify what techniques, materials, and technology they use in their label creation.

Product Label Design Trends to Try for Your Brand

The industry of product label design is ever-evolving, making it essential to know about the latest trends in the field. Here are some label design trends you can incorporate into your strategies.

  1. Eccentric lettering

Today, eccentric lettering is considered an art form, with designers holding it in high regard. It highlights the text as an independent art piece and requires you to set aside visual elements to allocate enough space for the bold print. 

The eccentric lettering trend encourages experimentation and challenges label design norms as it prioritizes the text over readability.

  1. Textured labels

The textured label trend adds another element to differentiate your product from competitors. Its tactile nature makes the label feel luxurious to the touch, providing a premium handcrafted feel to consumers.

Incorporating this design gives buyers a unique experience, as they can feel the difference between your labels and other products.

Chocolate Bar Labels
  1. Retro aesthetic

A retro packaging design sparks nostalgia for those who lived through a particular era. This aesthetic trend is so popular that companies sporadically bring back vintage label designs to capitalize on the connection some customers may have with it.

You can use vintage packaging to remind customers of fond memories and leverage the emotional attachment to boost sales.

  1. Minimalism and maximalism mix

While most product label designers would select minimalist over maximalist designs due to their versatility, modern designers have found a way to incorporate both in their label production.

Some makers accomplish this by having minimalist logos carried through from the outside in, revealing bold colors and maximalist visual elements. However, both designs must complement one another to avoid overshadowing aspects of the label.

  1. Narrative illustrations

The use of illustrations as narratives establishes a story behind every label design, leading consumers to seek out stories that resonate with them. Designers often utilize this trend because it conveys a strong message and transports the consumer into the label’s story.

  1. Sustainable packaging

With society becoming more environmentally aware, sustainable or green packaging persists. More companies create labels from renewable resources and recyclable materials to cater to eco-friendly consumers. Not only does it target a specific market, but it also spruces up a product’s public image by helping the environment.

Face Cream Labels

Stand Out and Stay Ahead Through Product Label Designs

Product label design provides descriptive information and helps customers differentiate your offerings from other brands. As such, businesses must work hard to design the ideal product label to boost a brand’s standing in a competitive market effectively. 

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