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Hello and welcome to the Meyers blog! We’re always working to be at the forefront of knowledge and innovation in our industry. And this blog is our way of sharing this information in hopes it’ll help you create a more beautiful and sustainable world. Be sure to check back often as we’re always adding new and unique insights from our team of experts. We’re excited to share our learnings with you!

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The Meyers Blog, Rebooted

Meyers is in business to help brand owners meet this First Moment of Truth challenge. The retail environment is more competitive than ever.

An environment of excellence

Nobody’s perfect, but at Meyers that doesn’t stop us from pursuing perfection every day, with every project.

A tradition of excellence

Excellence is the goal of everything we do at Meyers, and it’s always rewarding to receive confirmation that our efforts are paying off.

Get smart about automation

Intelligent automation increases speed, but it should also improve consistency. Machines don’t get tired and they don’t lose focus.
Zero Defects

In celebration of zero

Zero gets a bad rap. It’s nothing. It’s a shutout. It’s the short end of the stick whenever some movie bully suggests the object of their attention “drop the zero and get with the hero.”

Loyalty is a two-way street

Loyalty is a two-way street… Customers will share personal data as long as the process is simple and the rewards are worth it.

Don’t settle for ‘the way it’s always been done’

When people say they’re in the groove, they mean it as a positive. They’ve found a way of doing things that works, so they keep at it. But even the best grooves, if you stay in them long enough, can start to look a lot like a rut.